Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting to Know Rob

Purpose: I’m writing this book blog for two reasons. First, I need motivation to read all of the books I’ve accumulated. I’ve run out of shelf space so this is serious. Second, I hope my writing will improve with each post. Thanks for joining me on this venture.

Why Candy Corn? It’s difficult for me to stop eating this treat when there’s a bag in front of me. Just like going to a bookstore; I can’t get enough.

Library Overview: My reading interests are varied as you’ll see from the books I talk about. They include mysteries (nothing too gruesome), travel essays, fiction, Hawaiiana and some biography.

Getting to Know Rob (A work in progress)
  1. There are 425 books on my Library Thing shelf with more to catalog.
  2. Coffee is my drink of choice and I hand roast twice weekly.
  3. I live on Kauai.
  4. Long distance ocean swimmer.
  5. Pescetarian (fish eater) but no meat.
  6. I have a pet mule that no one rides.
  7. Former Catholic (no need to explain).
  8. When in Vegas, I visit their 13 used bookstores.
  9. I’ve bench pressed 245 pounds.
  10. My favorite place to be is on an island.
  11. Sensitive and trusting guy.
  12. An only child with both parents gone.
  13. My color chart is Byzantine Winter.
  14. I hate cold weather.
  15. Addicted to Hawaiian rainbows.
  16. Divorced and now partnered to Jeff.
  17. Being gay took a long time for me to accept.
  18. Tight hamstrings but I still do yoga
  19. The ocean is a spiritual place for me.
  20. I’m sometimes impatient with the journey and want answers now.
  21. My favorite bookstore is Strand Books in Manhattan.
  22. I play flute and love theater.
  23. In my spare time I write Beat of Hawaii.
  24. My high school library account number was 1492.


  1. Nice to meet you Rob!

    And I am intrigued to learn that Las Vegas has 13 used books stores. Now I'll have something to do next time I am there. ;-)

  2. Thanks Rose City Reader. It is nice to meet you too. I moved to Kauai from Oregon so we have something in common.

    If you look at my list again I linked to Las Vegas Weekly and their review of the city's used bookstores. I always feel like I hit the jackpot with my book finds.

    Best Aloha from Rob

  3. Hi Rob,

    I don't think I have met (in real life or the net) someone from Hawaii before. It must be lovely live somewhere like that. Im from Sydney.

    I know what you mean about running about of shelf space. I only own about half the books youve got, but we had to buy another bookshelf the other day to accomodate them all.

  4. Hi Becky..I love going to Australia. We were in Sydney two months ago at the beginning of your summer. I wrote about Sydney bookstores (it was one of my first posts) and wonder where you like to shop.

    One of our favorite places to go is Tasmania. Since I live on an island I guess I enjoy going to other island destinations too.

    I hope you'll visit Hawaii some day. It's only a 10 hour flight from Sydney.

    Take care and I'm glad you're following my new blog.

    Aloha from Rob

  5. Hello Rob! So glad I spotted your link on the bookblog network in one of the discussion threads. The candycorn title caught my interest--- so true! I'm a bookaholic and can never get out of the library or bookstore.

    How lucky you are to live on Kauai! I love Hawaii and in particular Kauai-- just beautiful! My brother just moved from Oahu to SF. Don't know if he will last long-- the grey SF weather is already getting to him!

    Looking forward to reading your blog-- see some interesting books already that will be added to my never ending list of 'must read books'.


  6. Hi Rob!

    Thanks for dropping by bookwanderer and checking out my NYC list. :) You sound like a totally cool guy and I am SO jealous that you live in Hawaii! But I know you're part New Yorker too; not just everyone knows the Cloisters!

    I'd also like to know more about this pet mule of yours. I used to horseback ride quite a lot and have met my fair share of mules--sweet, smart creatures, they are!

    Anyway, I know I'll be back to read your reviews, and hope you'll come visit me too!

  7. Hi "Bookwanderer,"

    I used to live in Pennsylvania and loved going to NYC whenever I could get a few days off. Now I'm there every other year. (I no longer drive when I visit!).

    Muley is really cool and sweet. She's a pet and grazes on an acre of ocean view property. I'll post a pic of her soon. Muley gets brushed 3x a day and loves treats.

    I'll be back on your site soon to read reviews. Thanks for the nice compliment!

    Lesa: I bet your brother misses Oahu! We thought about going to SFO last weekend but decided to wait for better weather.

    Aloha from Rob

  8. Hi Rob;
    Thanks for following me on the blog. You sound like quite a guy, I think I can press about 100 lbs. so you definately have me beat by a mile.
    I do like running and have been doing the local road races for over 35 years. Hope to finally win a road race by the time I get to be age 70 and there's less competition.


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