Monday, December 7, 2009

A Week In Sydney: My Favorite Bookstores

Here's my bookshop review from my recent trip to Sydney. With new paperbacks priced at $20 dollars (Australian) I went in search of used bookstores with the goal of finding Australian authors.

Vinnies thrift shops throughout Sydney were a bonus find. My budget pick from one of them was, "Modern Men Don't Shift Fridges," by Australian author Meg Stewart. The title caught my attention and the $2.50 price. Look for a review in January.

I heard there were good bookstores in Glebe so I took the light rail from Darling Harbor and was not disappointed. Gleebooks Antiquarian had lots of great titles and I took home, "30 Days in Sydney," by Peter Carey for $10.00 (hardback). Across the street was another popular used seller called, The Cornstalk.

I also liked Berkelouw Books in Paddington. It's mostly new books but if you venture to the third floor you'll find a wonderful used selection. Across the street we stopped for coffee and book hunting at Ampersand.

My favorite which I'll save for last was Gertude and Alice Cafe Bookstore near Bondi Beach. The store also sells coffee and healthy food which can be enjoyed at many tables throughout the bookshop. It's a 5 minute walk from the beach and a nice place to relax.

My book find there was a signed copy of, "A Deadly Business," by Lenny Bartulin. When I saw that it was a mystery involving a used bookseller in Sydney, I had to take it home. The price was right at $8.00. My review will be coming out this week.

By the way, the Australian dollar is comparable to ours, so I'd go broke buying new books if I lived in Sydney.

If you have any tips on Sydney bookstores, be sure to leave a comment.
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  1. Yikes! $20 for a paperback?! I'd hate to see how much they're charging for a hardcover.

  2. When I saw hardcovers at $50 I knew I needed to find some used bookstores fast! Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment. Aloha from Rob

  3. On our trip to Australia a few years ago I quickly realized after seeing prices that bookstores would just for browsing on that trip. Certainly kept the suitcases light.

    I envy your short 10-hour flight to Sydney. We had 5 + 14 to get there.

  4. Hi Thomas--thanks for stopping by. I just added your website to my home page. You're right that I have a much easier time flying to Australia from Hawaii. The 10 hour flight goes fast. It's one of our favorite international destinations.

    Aloha from Rob

  5. Great post - I know all those bookstores you refer to, being from that area of Sydney. I love Gleebooks and berkelouw books. They have opened a new berkelouw books closer to my place. I actually have to stop myself from going in!

    You missed a lot of great second hand bookshops in Newtown - Elizabeths is my favourite, there's also Books on King and Gould's Books. I am totally addicted.

    Its true - second hand books are the only way to go in Australia. Books here are so expensive.

  6. Hi Becky! Thanks for all of your wonderful Sydney book shop tips. After visiting a few stores in the CBD I went looking but needed help. I'll visit Newtown on my next trip.

    Aloha from Rob


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