Monday, January 4, 2010

Musing Mondays: Reading Resolutions and Goals

The Monday topic this week is: With the New Year here already, do you have any reading resolutions or goals (challenges aside) for 2010? Perhaps a new author? Genre? Want to read more non-fiction? Write more reviews?

My reading resolution is to enjoy the home library I have and read from my shelves. I'm going to do my best to reduce the number of books I buy. This means being careful when shopping on-line and in bookstores.

Whenever I think of buying a book in 2010, I plan to check to see if my public library has a copy. Here in Hawaii there are over 50 libraries and they are all connected. Chances are that one of them will have what I want.

In December I had a rough go when Barnes and Noble offered free shipping on purchases of $10 or more. That was way too convenient and easy (although very nice).

My other resolution is to read faster and write one review a week. If you don't see a review you can help by sending me a reminder. Your support helps!

(Musing Mondays is hosted weekly by Rebecca at Just One More Page).

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