Monday, February 8, 2010

Remembering A Secret Garden and Mom

What book did your mom or dad pass on to you that had been their favorite as a child?

In my case it was The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. When I was a boy in the 1960's (doesn't that sound ancient?) my mom would read this book to me. It had been given to her by a teacher when she had polio as a young girl.

With my eyes closed I can conjure up images in my mind of the book's green binding and faded cover picture. It always seemed magical when Mom read it to me. I loved the idea of a hidden garden tucked away on a large estate in England. It was both Mom and The Secret Garden that instilled in me a love of books.

My Mom passed away in March of last year. When I was going through her belongings I couldn't find her copy of The Secret Garden. Wherever it is, I hope it's being treasured.

To remember Mom I'm planning to read The Secret Garden in March and post a review in her honor.

All of these memories came back to me recently when I left a comment on Page Turners hosted by Becky in Sydney, Australia. I saw that she had been a fan of The Secret Garden too. Becky was kind enough to give me her Blogger Buddie award for being her top weekly commenter. I hope you'll go "Down Under" and visit Becky's site. It's become one of my favorite daily stops.

If you're a fan of The Secret Garden or have a memory to share about a childhood book, please join the discussion.


  1. My mom passed on the Blackberry Farm books (they are British), which we still read to my daughter.

  2. Hi Helen: What a nice tradition. I checked Amazon today and see the complete tales of Blackberry Farm starting at $979!

    Take care and thanks for commenting.

    Aloha from Rob

  3. Thank you for sharing such a lovely memory. My parents weren't bookworms so no hand me downs to pass on. My mother did read to me constantly-- even when I was older she read to the whole family-- the 'little house' books, 'Pippi Longstocking' ect. I treasure those memories.

    I still reread all my childhood faves which include Burnett's other works. I must confess that I didn't read 'A Secret Garden' until I was an adult. How I missed it as a kid I can't even imagine! Love it-- I reread it regularly.

  4. Hi CozyBookNook...Even though I don't have Mom's book anymore, the memory of it and her reading to me will stay forever in my heart. Thanks for taking time to share your memories. Aloha from Rob


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