Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Salon: Books With Recipes On The Side


Do you think recipes added to mystery plots are a good thing? As much as I love to cook and play Martha Stewart in the kitchen, these recipes tucked away within the mystery have never tempted me.

It's taken an author by the name of Gesine Bullock-Prado to inspire me to try one. Instead of a mystery she's written a true story about her journey from (unhappy) Hollywood executive to a contented country baker in Vermont. 

This week I'll be reviewing her book, Confections of A Closet Master Baker. To write a thorough review with no pastry left unbaked, I'll include my report after trying her Espresso Cheesecake recipe. It's a sacrifice I make for my readers.

I chose Espresso Cheesecake because I roast my own coffee without any machine. Instead I use All-Clad saucepans on a Coleman camp-stove and hand stir the beans. The result is fresh tasting coffee with no rancidity.

I'll make an espresso roast for this cheesecake and finely grind the beans. The recipe calls for a cup of coffee too.

I'm having a sweet start to my week thanks to this book. 

In honor of Valentine's Day I've decided that my next giveaway will be a free copy of Confections of A Closet Master Baker. I'll post the entry form on Monday so be sure to come back.

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  1. All books should include recipes which go with the story. It should be a rule. A law.

  2. Scrumptious! I dabble in the culinary arts myself-- sounds like a good read.

    I've seen those cooking mystery series but not read one--- don't read many mysteries but I did think what a clever idea. Now an action thriller featuring a chef with a secret special forces background would be a whole 'nother story! ;D

    I'm such a foodie-- can't wait to hear how the cheesecake turns out!



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