Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Salon: Facebook Tip for Book Bloggers and Authors

I don't have a Facebook Fan Page, but I created something similar by using the list feature on my personal profile. Whenever someone friends me who is a fan of Books Are Like Candy Corn, I add them to a list I've created called, "Book Friends." 

Here's why I do this: I can send a specific status update to everyone on this list that can only be viewed by them. Maybe I want to mention my recent book review or giveaway for example (and exclude my personal friends from seeing the update). The other advantage is that I can look at the NewsFeed from this list and see what my book friends are writing about.

There's no limit to how many lists you can create. Maybe you want separate lists for high school friends, people you work with, and relatives. You can also hide people from receiving updates too. This list feature can be helpful for authors who want to separate their fans from personal friends.

If you'd like to create a similar list on your personal Facebook profile, here's how to get started.

1. Go to Home page and click "Friends" in left sidebar.
2. Select, "Create A List," which will appear at the top of center section.
3. Name your list and add friends.

Tip: As new friends sign up you can add them to an established list.

Here's how to send a unique message to a specific list:

1. Write your status update and click the padlock icon.
2. Select "customize."
3. Choose, "Make this visible to," and then, "Specific People."
4. Type in the name of the list you want the message to go to.
5. Click, "Save Setting" and then share your update.

Tip: If you mouse over the padlock, you'll see the name of the list or person the message will be sent to. This update will also appear on your Wall but is only visible to you and the individuals receiving the update.

To see the NewsFeed from a specific list you created do the following:

1. Click "Friends" in the left sidebar of your Home page.
2. Select the group you want to see, in my case "Book Friends," and their updates will appear.

I hope this tip is helpful to you. If you'd like to join me on Facebook, click here to add your name.


  1. This is totally helpful! I had read about lists, but wasn't sure why/how I would use them. Thanks!

  2. PS. Just sent you a facebook friend request

  3. Hi Helen...thanks for the friend request today and I'm glad you found my post helpful. P.S. I like your new look!

  4. I've resisted the temptation to sign up for Facebook. I'm afraid it would be a major time suck.

  5. Thank you for doing this post! I don't post of Facebook because I don't want my writer and book blog friends to see stuff from my family!


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