Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winner: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Thanks for all the entries. The random number generator chose number 2. Congrats to mel u from the Philippines who authors the blog, The Reading Life. You've won Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith.

More book contests and reviews coming soon. Grab some candy corn and stay tuned.


  1. Thanks ever so much-about two minutes before I got your welcome e mail saying I had won the book-My chair shook as a 6.1 earthquake hit the Manila area-appears no damage-thanks again

  2. Yay Mel for the win, but sorry to hear about the earthquake. It must be a little scary, considering all the other ones lately.

  3. Nancy0-it felt like someone was shaking my chair-my 11 year old daughter saw the light fixture in her room move-it happens so fast no time to be scared-

  4. Mel: I lived in Los Angeles & SoCal for a really long time before moving here -- once our entire house (3 levels) shook with a huge lurch during a 4 something. I can't even imagine a 6 something! Hope everyone is okay.


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