Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mailbox Monday: A Bodybuilder, Pie and Africa

My new books this week have one thing in common: they didn't come from publishers. One book will be used for a reading challenge, another is a signed first edition by a new author and the third one is a British travel essay.

First up is Gorilla Suit by Bob Paris which I'll use for the GLBT challenge. Bob is an intelligent and thought provoking man. He's now a civil rights advocate and had a successful career as a world champion bodybuilder. I had the pleasure of training at the same gym with Bob in Tacoma years ago. As hard as he trained, his pecs never looked like mine. Okay, reality check; mine never looked like his. I've always admired the guy and am excited to read the story about his life in bodybuilding. (Ordered through Alibris)

Thanks to a friend on Paperback Swap, I received Pies and Prejudice by Stuart Maconie as a belated birthday gift. He's a British author and this promises a rollicking good time through England's North Country.

I recently joined the First Edition Club at Book Passage in the Bay Area. Each month they select a book from a new author and send a signed copy to me (for a fee). I like the fact that I never know what to expect. 

For April (and National Poetry Month) I received Eddie Signwriter by South African poet Adam Schwartzman. Set in West Africa and Paris, Mary Benham at Book Passage writes that, "this story of a young artist's search for identity is written in lyrical, evocative prose which captures the cadences of the language and brings to life the African people and landscape."

What word held your attention more: bodybuilder, pie or Africa?

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  1. Pie got most of my attention. My daughter is a pie lover so she makes the world stop so she can get and eat pie.

  2. oh definitely bodybuilder. I work with weights (although not to become hugely buff!) so it attracted my attention.

  3. Hi Heather: I like a good pie too. My partner makes an awesome crust and I do the filling. Lemon Meringue pie is my favorite.

    Hi Nancy: I'm glad to hear you enjoy lifting weights too. Years ago a PT friend helped me learn techniques to lift without injury. As I get older his advice continues to pay off.

    Aloha from Rob


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