Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Little Fruitcake: Book Review and Giveaway

A Little Fruitcake: A Childhood in Holidays
by David Valdes Greenwood

Da Capo Press, Copyright 2007.
178 pages, ISBN 9780738211220

Rating: 4/5

Holiday Appeal: 5/5

Challenges: 2010 Holiday Reading Challenge and GLBT Challenge 2010

Quote from the book: "I liked his rich red suit, the idea of a flying sleigh, all those adorable reindeer, and the elves, who seemed so light in their pointed loafers."

Giveaway Details: This is my 100th post. In celebration I'm offering a free copy of A Little Fruitcake to a reader chosen at random. Just leave a comment no later than December 5 and include your email address (if it's not on your profile), International readers may enter too.

Do you have a holiday book that you like to re-read every year? For me it's A Little Fruitcake by David Valdes Greenwood. This is David's look back to growing up in the 1970's and his family Christmas celebrations. There are twelve stories here presented in chronological order.

In this boyhood holiday memoir the gift of choice under the tree is "sleek, white, lace-up figure skates," just like Dorothy Hamill's, instead of black hockey skates.

You see, David is a gay man although the book jacket and description makes no mention of this. And the book doesn't either because when you're a kid the labels haven't stuck yet. You just know you're different.

This is a book and a life I can relate to. When David asks for a baby doll in front of his family, it's a conversation show stopper in his Seventh Day Adventist household. I remember making the same wish much to the refusal of my dad. The most I could hope for was G.I. Joe. I wanted Ken.

A Little Fruitcake will put a smile on your face with chapter titles like, Tree Envy and Jealous of Baby Jesus. It may also put a lump in your throat too. Some years money is tight. David grows up in a single parent household with his brother and mom in Maine. It's a big transition from Miami where he lived in Little Havana.

If you're tired of reading the traditional holiday childhood memoir, slice out the fruitcake and give yourself an alternative treat.

(For more information visit David Valdes Greenwood's website).


  1. HI rob,
    I don't have a Christmas book that I read each year. I usually watch a few versions of A Christmas Carol. Also watch a bunch of the cartoon ones as well.

    My son didn't have hockey skates, he wore black figure skates for years. He did learn to do simple jumps with them. Then his sister wanted his black skates. There are still several pairs in the garage waiting for another boy to ask for figure skates.

    My son stopped skating when he had to learn the dances. He didn't want to hold hands with the girls, they were too icky at that age.

  2. Thank you for the giveaway. The book is certainly different and would be intriguing to read.

  3. Hia. Just popping by to let you know I've given you an award

  4. As I'm also participating in this years holiday reading challenge I thought I'd stop by to say hello and see what others have been reading. I've just reviewed A Christmas Carol as my 3rd choice, you are more than welcome to read it at

    My annual holiday book has to be that much loved poem Twas the Night Before Christmas. That said I was given a copy of another holiday poem Once Upon A Christmas by David Oxtoby last year and this has also become a firm favourite.

    Thanks for a great review, for sharing your thoughts and the chance to take part in the giveaway. Enjoy the rest of the challenge, PW.


  5. Your review was great, now I really want to read the book. Yes,
    I would like a little something different to read.


  6. This sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing! I would love a chance to win it...thanks!


    Congrats on your 100th post!

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  8. ****CONTEST IS CLOSED****

    Winner of A Little Fruitcake is Michelle at The True Book Addict.

    More contests coming. Stay tuned!


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