Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Busy Body by M.C. Beaton

Busy Body
By M.C. Beaton

Minotaur Publishing, Copyright 2010
278 pages. ISBN 9780312387013

Rating: 4/5

Quote from Book: "What sinks of iniquity these little villages can be."

Have any of you read all twenty-one books in the Agatha Raisin series by M.C. Beaton? I've read seven so far and not in any particular order.

In case you've never met Agatha before, she's an ex-Londoner who now lives in the Cotswolds. Formerly head of a PR firm in London, Agatha now heads up her own detective agency. Think of her as a middle aged, more modern version of Miss Marple.

Plot Highlights

When the latest book, Busy Body, was released I decided to see what Agatha has been up to. Last time I checked she was getting married to James. Apparently it didn't work out and Agatha is alone again. I wonder if these two will ever get it right?

With her romantic life a mess and the holidays approaching, Agatha leaves England to spend Christmas in Corsica. The holiday she fantasizes doesn't materialize. Agatha throws in the towel to return to her village for Christmas.

During her brief absence a real Scrooge has been running around the village citing people for their decorations. The village can't even put up their holiday tree without being fined for safety violations.

Is it no wonder that this Scrooge ends up dead with so much animosity between him and the villagers? And the woman who may have seen his murder soon follows in the same path.

With two murders to deal with our Agatha has a lot on her plate. James makes an appearance again too but I'm not saying anything about a future romance. It's not until the next Christmas rolls around that Agatha can tie up all the loose ends.

My Thoughts

Busy Body can be read any time of year. While Christmas plays a role at the beginning and end, the plot moves between two continents over a twelve month period.

This is another fun cozy from M.C. Beaton that sparkles. With its rich character development and well thought out mystery, I was sad to see the book end. Spending time with Agatha is like visiting an old friend over tea. She's welcome in my home anytime.

If you haven't read an Agatha Raisin book you can start anywhere in the series. M.C. Beaton does a great job introducing facts from previous books. You'll catch up in no time.

What's your favorite Agatha Raisin novel?


  1. I enjoy reading about a detective who is different and a middle aged detective who heads her own detective agency seems to fit the bill.

  2. I've read two but the last one put me off. I thought it was a very naive, foolish middle aged woman behaving in a very "missish" manner!! Maybe I was too harsh expecting much more.

  3. I haven't read any of these but they sure do sound like fun!


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