Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday Salon: Lemon Pie and Murder

This week's winner of a $10 Gift Card to Mystery Lovers Bookshop is Ricki from Reading Challenged. There's still time to enter next week's drawing. MLB offers free shipping too with $10 minimum orders.

Update from last week: I told you about the lemon meringue pie Jeff was making for me and my new bed and breakfast. Well, I took my first reservation today for the beginning of March. And that pie was fantastic. The crust perfection. He served it on a plate that belonged to my mom. I think the plate even predates me.

Book News: I'm finishing up Paige Shelton's sequel to Farm Fresh Murder. She was kind enough to send an ARC of Fruit of All Evil to me. It's scheduled for release on March 1. I'm loving it. Can't wait to post the review. But first I have a long overdue review of One Man's Paradise by Douglas Corleone to publish.

Borders Leaving Kauai: This is bad when you live on an island. My closest bookstore will be Honolulu which requires an airline flight. I'm saddened by the news of lost jobs and a community gathering place. People have started a "Save Borders Kauai" Facebook page but I doubt it will have much impact. Did any of you get hit with a Borders closure?

Lots of writing this week: Mostly for business. I have some good client prospects and need to submit four proposals by Tuesday. Look for book reviews later in the week.


  1. Gasppp "the closest bookstore will be an airplane flight"! How dreadful. I guess you either better stock up now, or plan for lots of online buying.

  2. Congratulations on the B and B and the pie at least. Good luck with your new venture.

    There were some Border's closures here in the Bay Area, but honestly, their stores have been so lackluster of late that I don't think they'll be missed. My nearest chain store is Barnes and Noble and I do have a small independant nearby that is still hanging on.

  3. Oh, my, I hate it when beloved stores close, especially bookstores! Our Borders in my neighborhood mall is closing, too, but Barnes & Noble is still chugging along...hopefully successfully!

    Online shopping is where I get most of my books these days, but I love to amble around a real bookstore.

    Hope you survive it!

    Lovely looking pie...that plate looks like one my Mom had, too...and I LOVE the idea of a B & B. Many happy days and nights!


  4. No bookstore on the island?! I sense a business opportunity!

  5. No bookstore?!?! I don't know that I'd be able to live there!

    Our Borders is staying open. But we have a Barnes and Noble, too, so I'm willing to sacrifice mine so the Kauai one can stay open.

    Also...good luck with the B&B!

  6. Lemon Meringue is the one pie that I absolutely love and that one looks delicious!

    Good luck with your B&B, I'm happy to hear you have your first guest booked. If I'm ever lucky enough to make it to Kauai I will be sure to book a room! :-)

  7. The Lemon Meringue pie looks wonderful. I can never get the Meringue to peak nicely so end up buying from the supermarket, yet home made is much better!

  8. We are losing the Borders that I frequent, but the other one is staying open. For now.

    Good luck with your B&B!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear that you guys are losing your Borders. Perhaps the HNL store would consider setting up a monthly free shipment to Kaui if enough people showed interest?

    Good luck with your B&B-I hope it ends up being something you love!


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