Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Salon with The Upright Piano Player

Every so often I take my books and head up to the North Shore of Kauai for a weekend away. Since I live upcountry Kauai, the chance to be next to the beach is a treat for this candy corn loving guy.

Last year I brought The Brontes Went To Woolworths with me. Some of you may remember my difficulty getting into this quirky story. Once I did, I loved it.

This time I came with my brand new Nook. I know. I said I would never buy one. But I did. And I like it.

I also packed a book I just won, The Upright Piano Player by David Abbott. When I opened it and smelled the fresh paper and heard the sound of a new spine cracking, it was like falling in love again. This experience is something that the Nook can't duplicate.

Yesterday I had the luxury of reading The Upright Piano Player in one day. While not really a beach read, the story captivated me. There's also a bookstore woven into the plot although it isn't mentioned often. Here's a quote you may like from page 222:

"Between a book's covers there may be passion, bile, mayhem, or murder, but in the quiet spaces where it awaits its fate (either acceptance or indifference) all is calm."

I feel a review coming this week. Watch for it. Right now I'm going to make coffee with my hand roasted beans and sit outside where a glorious rainbow appears over the ocean.

What are your Sunday plans?


  1. Ok. No fair. I want to be able to be on my own for a day of reading on a Kaui beach! I think it's the alone time that I am craving (I currently have a semi-cranky daughter who is sticking to me like glue). :-)

    I am about to begin a book of short stories by a Ugandan author....

  2. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I haven't been to Kauai in ages. Look forward to your review.

    Aloha, Bonnie

  3. Coming to you on Monday morning. I do the reverse. Live on the flat lands of Colombo and go up country during weekends. Glorious, cool, misty weather. Back in hot humid Colombo this morning!


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