Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Salon - Marriage Equality in Hawaii

Big news is brewing! Marriage Equality in Hawaii will soon be a reality. The bill returns to the Senate on Tuesday for a final vote and our Governor is scheduled to sign it on Wednesday. After it's official, my partner and I will be announcing our engagement. This also happens to be the week we celebrate our 10th anniversary together!

Wedding Plans and Creative Jewish Wedding Book

Our plan is an April wedding here on Kauai and a honeymoon trip to Scandinavia in May. To help plan the ceremony, I've been reading a book (surprise) that will help us plan a mostly Jewish celebration. Look for a review soon on The Creative Jewish Wedding Book by Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer.

Book Review Updates

This past week I reviewed Silent Knife by Shelley Freydont and am currently reading Bran New Death by Victoria Hamilton. I guess I'm in a muffin baking mood with this current novel. Last night I baked Pumpkin muffins and used starfruit in place of butter. Really good and low fat.

Are You On Paperback Swap?

Just a reminder about the books I'm reviewing - I post my gently used copy on Paperback Swap for one credit. As a gold member, I can pick who a book goes to. Up for grabs right now is Silent Knife and Poisoned Prose. You can leave a comment on each book review if you are interested (USA addresses only).

I'm off to get a rototiller to plant a new lawn for our pet mule. Hope your week goes well. What's on your shelf this week?


  1. That's great news about the marriage equity. it's something that should be everywhere. I'm proud that we have that here in Canada for many years now.

  2. One of the many reasons I love Canada! Thanks for stopping by, Heather. Aloha, Rob


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