Thursday, January 14, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: To Flap Or Not

Thursday's topic of discussion is:

Do you read the inside flaps that describe a book before or while reading it?

The book jacket is going to make or break the sale with me. It's an important marketing tool. What I don't like is when the flap misrepresents the book. 

There are words on the flap that make me drool. Here are some of my recent buzz words that led to purchases or library holds: "Vermont," "English Countryside," "Bookshop," "Nile," "Muscular," okay, some weakness here, "Village" and "Bakery."

So, yes, I'm a flapper. If you are too, what buzz words whet your appetite?


  1. I read the flaps too but I'm not looking for buzz words. My answer is here.

  2. I definitely read the flaps before I read the book. It frustrates me to no end when the flap isn't what I find in the book. No real buzz words though.

  3. I am a flapper!! I don't enjoy reading prologues though for some reason??

  4. I like your buzz words! I like that whole idea, since I tend to skim the flaps -- I hate to read a spoiler, so I skim looking for key descriptive words.

    "English countryside" and "bookshop" would make my list right now, as might "humorous," and probably "prize winner." "Lush," "dreamy," and "magical" would turn me off -- it's January and I'm in the mood for Mid-Century, foggy, chilly Britain, nothing else.

    Thanks for signing up to follow Rose City Reader -- it lead me here and I really like your blog. Great name too.

  5. Rose City Reader: Foggy, chilly Britain sounds yummy. At least reading it from a distance in Hawaii.

    Diane: Always good meeting another flapper.

    Helen: My buzz words can change depending on my mood.

    Pussreboots: I enjoyed your video!

    Aloha from Rob

  6. I'm absolutely a flapper, too, though I have to admit to a weak spot for excellent cover art! Though I shudder to announce it publicly, I definitely judge books by their covers... at least until someone convinces me to do otherwise!

    Buzz words that always catch my attention? "Family," "sisters," "first love." And probably many others!

  7. Hi Meg--cover art is a strong selling point with me too if I'm not familiar with the book. Thanks for posting your comment! Aloha from Rob


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