Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Trouble for eReaders?

Will eReaders like Kindle and Nook face the same fate that word processors did years ago? I'm thinking there's trouble ahead.

Just like PC's replaced the need to have a dedicated word processor, I think the new Apple Tablet is going to do the same for eReaders.

The Applet Tablet is similar in size to the Nook but offers a PC with Internet and phone. True, it will cost more. I'm betting $700.

So far I've resisted the urge to jump in on the Nook craze. I'm still reading print books. Maybe the Apple Tablet will change my mind.

What's your feeling on this?


  1. I will be eagerly awaiting the Tablet. I love my iPhone, but it is a bit too small. My Kindle is nice, but it is only books. My laptop is a little too bulky.

    Do I sound whiney?

  2. I actually have a Kindle - and I do enjoy taking my "library" of well over 100 ebooks with me everywhere I go - my Kindle has not replaced my traditional book library. I still enjoy the feel of a book in my hands, and the physical act of turning paper pages.

    I am not opposed to the idea of an Apple tablet - but I will probably not be one of the first to jump on the band wagon. When the price break is in the $300 range, then perhaps I will consider it.

  3. Rob, I think you have missed the boat, I just did a post about this subject, simple is the answer in an eReader. Things like the iSlate will have their own nitch and some will use them for eReaders but I think that a simple eReader will have its own place in the market.
    Here is my post on the subject, I am always open to the debate, let me know your thoughts.

  4. I have refrained from all the eReaders up to this point: Kindle and Sony Readers; but I am keeping my eyes on this one. I love Apple products and the size of this one most resembles an actual book. I think for me the eReader will serve a very specific purpose to keep my occupied when I'm traveling overseas. I used to lug around at least 12 books when I go to Hong Kong. You can imagine the hassle of schlepping them at the airpoirt.

  5. The latest rumor is that Apple Tablet is working on a deal with Harper Collins for their ebooks. We should know more around Jan 27.

    I'm an Apple fan too, Matt. You make a good point for eReader. Twelve books is a lot to take overseas. BTW, I was in Hong Kong 4 years ago and enjoyed my visit.

    Jerry and Molly, time will tell what happens. It will be interesting to see who comes out ahead.

    Readerbuzz: you don't sound whiney to me!

    Thanks everyone for commenting.

    Aloha from Rob
    Books Are Like Candy Corn.

  6. Rob...I can't wait to find out more about The Apple Tablet. I do have the Iphone and Kindle and love them both. My husband calls me "gadget girl".

  7. Hi Diane..I love my iPhone too. What did you think of today's release of the Tablet? The iBooks feature looks great and is in color. I heard that most publishers are on board except for Random House.


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