Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Cooking: Sorbetto in Grapefruit Shells

I have over a thousand grapefruit right now on my tree. That's a lot to pick. Some are going to neighbors and others are made into a wonderful sorbetto.
A few years back I found this recipe on VegWeb and it's become a favorite. It's minty flavor is refreshing on a warm Hawaii winter day. I make in large quantity and freeze to have on hand for guests. It's always a hit and looks nice on the table served in grapefruit shells.

Play by Play: I pick fresh mint and simmer on the stove with water and sugar. The flesh from the grapefruit is carefully removed so the shell can be used later. It gets sticky juicing the flesh but trust me it's worth the mess. The juice and mint syrup are mixed together and frozen until semi-firm; then blended until smooth and slushy. I spoon into the grapefruit shells and freeze. When I'm ready to serve, I take them out of the freezer 10 minutes ahead of time so they are easier to eat.

Recipe Alteration: When I make the mint syrup, I add grapefruit juice in place of some of the water.

What's your favorite grapefruit recipe? 

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  1. that sounds wonderful. I can't imagine have grapefruit in my garden. rather neat.

  2. This sounds fabulous! I wish that I lived in warmer weather and I could pick my own grapefruits. That sounds heavenly!

  3. Hi Heather and Bonnie...

    It's really a treat to pick fresh grapefruit, lemons, tangelos, bananas, and papaya from the yard. We also grow our own pineapple.

    Thanks for stopping by today. If you were here in person I'd give you some grapefruit to take home.

    Aloha from Rob

  4. First, so glad you all didn't get hit with flooding yesterday.

    Second: this looks so good and easy. It's going in my repertoire next time I pick up a lot of citrus.


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