Monday, November 8, 2010

Musing Monday: Reaction to Book Buying Trends

With hardcover book sales down to 33.3%, compared to 35% in 2009, today's Musing Monday asked for my reaction to the report on Trendspotting: Reader's Spending On Books.

My first thought is to put spending in perspective. We all have discretionary income. Where do you get the most value?

For example, if I go out to dinner I'm likely to spend more than the cost of a hardcover book. In a few hours the experience is over although it was enjoyable.

If I buy a hardcover book, however, it's going to last longer than a meal. And in the end I have something tangible to hang on to.

I still shop around for the best deal but like supporting independent stores too. For example, Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Pittsburgh ships free on purchases $10 or more. I also like Barnes and Noble that offers complimentary priority shipping to Hawaii, with no minimum purchase, for their members. It makes buying too easy at times.

My spending habit on books, however, is still under some control. I use my library often and maybe purchase a new hardcover once a month.

What's your spending habit on books and have you noticed a change?

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  1. When I am in Melbourne I do not spend anything on books (I spend about five months of every year here) The library at Carnegie is excellent and I get what I like.

    When I am in Colombo its another story! I buy second hand only - huge range from ancient dusty books to whatever has been discarded yesterday! its a real lucky dip kind of search. Costs are low so I can indulge. New books are out of the question in Sri Lanka.

  2. I try to support the indies but have had to cut back a bit on my book buying budget since last year. I still shop but end up shopping more on Amazon and Half Price Books. And, I hardly ever buy hardback but that's mainly because I think reading trade paperbacks is more comfy :)

  3. Mystica--Next time I'm in Melbourne I'll check and see if you'll be there. It would be fun to meet you.

    Iliana--I agree that the price point is important and it's hard to pass on a good Amazon deal. My TBR list is so long that usually if I buy a hardback, it's in paperback by the time I get around to reading it.

    Aloha from Rob


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