Sunday, October 20, 2013

Poisoned Prose By Ellery Adams: Book Review

Words create karmic backlash in Poisoned Prose. A secret location to a hidden treasure, and hidden pain that finally surfaces, create the right mix for murder in this cozy mystery by the sea. 

Overview: The Bayside Book Writer's group at Oyster Bay has more than manuscripts to discuss. A renowned storyteller, Violetta Duvereaux, visits this charming beach community and leaves (most) townsfolk mesmerized by her performance. Woven into her words are clues to a hidden family treasure which seems highly implausible considering that she grew up poor in Appalachia. Violetta sees someone in the audience that night from her past and soon takes her last breath after the final curtain call. Leave it to socialite Olivia Limoges to sort everything out (including hidden secrets) with her studly boyfriend Chief Rawlings.

Who has secrets hidden? What is the hidden treasure? Read the latest installment in this ongoing mystery series by Ellery Adams for the answers.

Review: The plot reminded me of the stories from childhood with hidden treasure, secret panels and engaging mysteries to solve. It was a journey that I didn't want to see end. Good news, there are more adventures coming from the townsfolk of Oyster Bay! Olivia is a beautiful lady with class and intelligence. This was my first time meeting her and the other characters in Ellery Adams' Books By The Bay series. It won't be the last either. Ellery made it easy for me to catch up with them and not feel that I missed something by not starting with the first book. New fan alert: I may read some of the earlier books to get to know the characters better.

Favorite Character: Chief Rawlings. A cool guy who can be tough and also sensitive. What's not to like about a man who "has a penchant for dressing in Hawaiian shirts."

Highlight: Each chapter begins with a literary quote to match the content of the chapter. A nice touch and one not easy to maneuver I'm sure.

Mystery Rating: 10 Candy Corns.

I had no idea where to find the truth which kept things interesting. There was suspense at the end so well written that I felt I was right there with the characters. One part of the ending surprised me. It was a decision that Olivia made about one of the suspects. No spoiler alert so I won't say more. Let me know in your comments if you think that Olivia made the right decision.

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Poisoned Prose by Ellery Adams. The Berkley Publishing Group, 2013. ISBN: 9780425262955


  1. Hi Mystica, Thanks for the welcome back. I'll write an update soon about where I've been. Maybe this week on my Sunday Salon post. Look forward to reconnecting with you and all of my book friends.



  2. Glad to see you back Rob. I haven't read anything by this author, but have now added the first book in this series, and the first in her pie shop series. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Wondered what happened to you! I've read all of Ellery Adams books but this one. Waiting for it to come in the library.

    I've enjoyed all the books about Olivia. Read the first one and I bet you'll read all of them.


  4. Heather - Let me know how you like the series. I think it's a winner.

    Sandi - I bet I'll read them all too! It was easy starting with this book but now I'm curious to learn more about each character. Are you on Paperback Swap?

    Thanks for the welcome back! I have another review coming soon.




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